yogi deliciousness in seattle

In all fairness, Portland doesn't stand alone: Seattle had pretty good food too.  Sadly, I was only able to try a handful of restaurants (in a city FILLED with them), so this is my humble post about one delicious meal I had there.

Heart Silence Nest is in the Fremont area of Seattle which is awesome in and of itself (very artsy & hippie friendly so I felt at home).  The restaurant gives off a very new-age spiritual vibe from the decor to the staff, but believe me, it wasn't overwhelming or annoying, it was actually very peaceful and, most importantly, the food was scrumptious!

The boys and I shared three breakfast dishes:

sesame waffles (the sesame wasn't overpowering at all, they were simply yummy)

 The Tofu Scramble with Cajun seasonings (also fantastic, obvs):

And finally, the glorious Western Round Up composed of sweet potato biscuits, soy sausage and cashew gravy... most decadent and mouth-feeling-delicious vegan breakfast I've tasted.

Oh, and I had two steaming cupfuls of Yogi (chai) tea in this pretty mug

The peace of new-age spirituality + the joy of good vegan food = very satisfied happy bellies.

If you're ever near Seattle (or, *gasp*, live there) you MUST go to this fine establishment. I didn't even look at their lunch/dinner menu, so I'm sure there are treasures to be found, but if I ever go again I know EXACTLY what to order!

happy eating!

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