Vegan Camping Experience

Hello happy campers! This past V-day weekend, we went camping in Catalina Island with some friends. We left on Saturday morning and returned Monday afternoon. I packed a lot of food, as always...which we ate most of, but not all. Below are some of the meals we had....I hope that you find them useful for when you go camping or even when you are at home. There is always a good time to eat!!

For breakfast we had chia pudding (see recipe on EcoVegan's blog
http://virtuallyvegansisters.blogspot.com/2010/01/i-like-it-raw.html) We added a few other ingredients to this wonderfully raw breakfast: sweet basil seeds, raisins and dried cranberries.
We also shared tea, mate, trail mix and fruits!!

For lunch we had Nori rolls, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (with my boyfriends home made bread!!) and soup. The recipe for the nori rolls came from May, a raw vegan cook who does cooking classes in Long Beach. I am not able to find the recipe but here's a brief description....

Nori Rolls
nori sheets
grated carrot
grated jicama (might want to squeeze water from it once it's grated)
grated ginger
sliced cucumber (lengthwise)
sliced avocado (lengthwise)
soy sauce for dipping
juice from a lemon

On the nori sheet, place a bit of jicama, carrot, ginger, cucumber and avocado. Roll it up. To seal the last part use lemon juice. Cut into small rolls and dip!!

For dinner we had rice and veggies, diced potatoes, yams and beets, guacamole and more soup!!

Of course, anything that had to be heated up, we used a propane burner for that. Without one I think we would have struggled at this point in time. But the more I learn about raw vegan food, the easier it will be to camp with less things to carry around, cause that burner and propane tanks are pretty heavy! Especially going uphill!! My body got some good exercise though, I must say!

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