To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse......That is the Question.

I am currently doing the Master Cleanse. I started on Monday and am doing 5 days total. One thing I will say is boy do people have their opinions about cleanses! I made a post on Facebook mentioning that I was doing a cleanse (as did my boyfriend) and many people felt compelled to leave comments on our wall.....some positive, some negative. Why do people take the topic so personally? Its as if I had made a post saying that I was pro-choice and all the pro-life protesters came marching straight out of the gate!

I think people do cleanses for different reasons: to lose weight, to cleanse their system, because they've binged recently, they do one ever so often, or just because they heard of one that sounded interesting and they wanted to try it out. I, myself, wanted to see how I could do on a cleanse, had a couple friends who did it and enjoyed it, and wanted to see if I could lose weight on a cleanse. So, we will see, as I finish on Friday. I will report back on Wednesday to let you all know how I did.

Also, just a note to people who are trying a cleanse, a good idea would be to keep a journal (I do mine on GoogleDocs) each day of how the cleanse is going. That way you can read back when you are done and reflect on your thoughts throughout the process, as I think for some it can be a spiritual one. Also, if you try or plan on trying different cleanses, it can be a way to compare and contrast how they each make you feel and determine which one is for you.

I won't offer any suggestions on cleanses or offer links to any cleanse sites, as I think each individual person can look into whatever is best for them.

Till next Wednesday. Happy cleansing.....or not!!

P.S. As the Foodie Vegan I am shocked at how much time is on my hands when food is not involved! No cooking, grocery shopping, chopping, prepping food, planning menus, blogging about food, tasting, eating, scouring yelp online, etc. But truth be told, I love food, and I love being involved with it every day. Food is such a wonderful thing, that sometimes I think He and I have an intimate relationship:) I'll leave you with that visual.......


  1. :-) hehehe...
    so how did the cleanse go? did you fast?
    hope you are feeling uplifted & bright as light.
    much love...m.

  2. The cleanse went well....yes I fasted except for tea and a lemon juice concoction. I didn't do it for any particular "health" reason, except to just rid myself of food for a few days and remind myself that my body will be "ok" without food for a short period of time. Yeah, I journaled throughout the process and yes I did feel light, I felt clarity, and I just felt fulfilled (even though my belly was empty!). I will be trying a cleanse of Julie's in a couple months.