Saving 3 Beautiful Cows

I wanted to spread the word today about a small but courageous effort going on in my teammember's backyard. Jodi is part of VeganEtsy and she is currently raising money to save three 2-year old cows from slaughter.

"Hi to all of you,
I just found out that the 3 cows who graze on our land were scheduled to be slaughtered today. :( We asked the owner if he would consider selling the cows to us instead. He has agreed to that, but would need the money ($3600) in full in just 2 weeks.
We were hoping that he would take payments - and that would give us enough time to put a fundraiser together, but he wasn't willing to do that. We're just happy that he's given us a 2-week extension.
I have attached a picture of these sweet boys - they are amazing animals. We have named them Pooka Cow (the brown one), Spotty Friend, and Less Spotty Friend.
I am reaching out to you all and asking for help - mainly through donations. Also through networking and getting the word out to everyone you know. I just can't imagine not raising this money in time - they are only 2 years old and have many more years of happy lives to live.
The first step is to raise enough money to save them from being slaughtered. Then we will worry about raising money to care for them...
Thanks so much, you guys!

Please go to http://save3cows.chipin.com/saving-3-cows-from-slaughter to donate anything you can.  Like I said, this is a small effort but every life counts! Think of the years of sunshine, grazing, and companionship these three will have ahead of them if we all come together!!

Thank you!!

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