RAWsome again and again

I took my THIRD raw food 'cooking' class this past weekend (with Crafty Vegan and her boyfriend) and I continue to be amazed at the delicious food brought forth by these instructors.

May gave us tons of information about raw food, and plenty of recipes to keep us fed and satisfied!  Crafty Vegan and I especially loved the following recipe. I hope you do too!

Date Roll:
  • Dates
  • Choice of Nuts (brazilian, walnuts, pecans, cashews, etc)
  • Almond butter (we tried sunflower butter when we got home, but I MUCH prefer the almond butter in this dessert)
  • Coco shreds
Put all your ingredients in separate bowls in front of you like an assembly line.
Open and pit the dates.  Wrap the nut inside the date (in the place where the pit used to be).  Take this and dip it in almond butter until evenly covered (a bit of a sloppy mess, but well worth it) and finally, dip them in coco shreds.  Then pop them in your mouth--they're irresistible!  (I wish I had a photo of May's rolls, they were perfect!)


  1. YUM YUM - sounds delicious!!

    so glad you posted this.. i'm making them for girly picnic tomorrow but I'm going with macadamia nut butter (its so aussie! & sooo delicious).. though the dates will be from californi-a... as well as the walnuts.. with indonesian coconut..hehe .. the 100-mile diet doesn't work so good out here :-(( ...sometimes we must indulge to keep our souls happy!!

    can't wait to try them!!