Quinoa by Crafty Vegan

(Picture above is from wikipedia)

Hi everyone, today I would like to chat a bit about one of my favorite foods...Quinoa! I love the way it tastes and it's texture also makes my tongue happy. Quinoa is considered to be a pseudocereal. So what is that exactly? Pseudocereals are broadleaf plants that are used almost the same way cereals are. Seeds from these plants can be used as cereals and their seeds can be ground up into flour. Examples of other pseudocereals are amaranth, chia and buckwheat. Amaranth and quinoa look very similar except amaranth is much smaller. Quinoa is originally from the Andean region of South America. The Incas held this crop to be sacred and even called the chisaya mama, the mother of all grains. So sacred was Quinoa to the Incas that each year the mighty Inca ruler himself planted the first row of Quinoa with a solid gold spade.

Some nutritional information....Quinoa is easy to digest. It is gluten free!! It's protein content (12-18%) is higher than wheat or rice, making it a healthy option for vegans as well as vegetarians. It also contains essential amino acids which make it complete protein source. It's a good source of phosphorus and dietary fiber, high in magnesium and iron.

I got the following information from a box of Quinoa noodles, (brand name is SuperGrain Pasta, certified organic, gluten free linguine, low fat, very low sodium, no cholesterol).

As rugged as the Andes, Quinoa has flurighed in cultivation for over 5000 years. Today, this ancient South American grain is being heralded as the Supergrain of the Future. Rich, nutty flavor.
www.quinoa.net for recipes and additional information.

Basic cooking instructions for quinoa noodles:
1. Bring 4 quarts water to rapid boil.
Optianal add 2 tbsp. oil to water.
2. Add pasta into boiling water.
3. Return to boil, stifrring frequenetly. Cook uncovered for 6-9 minutes.
Do not overcook.
For cold dishes, rinse and lightly coast with oil. for hot dishes, drain and add your favorite sauce.


  1. its great for breakie with rice milk, cinnamon & agave!! yum yum!!

  2. UUUU...gotta try that for my breakie mate! Thx for the tip!!

  3. better than chia seeds, ya reckon?