pdx, a public love letter

It's been 10 days since I last saw you, two weeks since I first met you, and I can't wait to be near you again. How did I fall in love so quickly? Was it due to the perfect way in which your weather complements my disposition? Or perhaps the seductive moss that grows all over you and overwhelms my eyes with green and gray? 

Maybe that delightful Voodoo doughnut did the trick... (half their menu is VEGAN and OH MY GOD SO GOOD.. I'm not even a doughnut type of gal, but GOODNESS)

One thing is for sure... You have the best vegan B.L.(a).T. I have ever or will ever experience in my lifetime. It was utter perfection. Even this titilating shot cannot express the passion of our serendipitous comunion (and that's saying a lot)

Your downtown streets filled with bustling food trucks providing their ritualistic lunch service charmed me...each vendor with at least one enticing vegan option until I reached DC Vegetarian and felt glory.

Two days in a row I ate this magnificent creation. On the second day, I added a lentil soup and was also thoroughly pleased.

My friend ordered himself the entirely vegan Philly Cheese Steak sammich with a side of chili. Everything was devoured amongst "ohs" and "mmms." We will always treasure this meal.

Sadly, that was the only meal I documented during my stay in lovely lovely PDX. On our way south from Seattle we had a great breakfast at Vita Cafe and their lunch and dinner menus left us wanting to stay just a little longer... such great beers on every menu in this town too. Sigh.

I'll be back soon baby. In the meantime, stay weird, stay vegan-friendly and eco-friendly, and moss-y and don't charge sales tax or let people pump their own gas. Those are part of your charm.


p.s. you're awesome.

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  1. I want a BLT(a)sammie NOW! And chili! And a beer! and--and--a doughnut! And Powell's Bookstore!And rain! And green!

    Yum. Portland.