Lentil by Crafty Vegan

Lentil is from the family of legumes, considered a seed that grows in a pod. It is eaten during New Years for prosperity and good luck. The word lentil comes from the word lens, because it's lens shaped. There are various types of lentil, these include: brown lentil (earthly flavor), green lentil, French green lentil called puy, red lentil (make some pate with these), black baluga lentil. Oh, if you ever come to read the word "dul" anywhere, it refers to a legume base dish. Lentil are used a lot in Indian Cuisine.

Nutrition.....Lentils are packed with nutrition. 1 cup of these little guys is 230 calories, that is 90% of the daily value of folate (naturally occurring nutrient), 36% iron and 3% protein. It also carries many other minerals and vitamins including B and potassium. Tip: to increase the absorption of iron you can add tomatos to your dish, or any other fruit or veggie high in vitamin C.

Cooking...1 cup lentil to 2 1/2 cups water, low heat. There is no need to soak lentil, they cook pretty fast, usually under 30 minutes. Do not use too much water or else you will dump out lots of nutrients when draining them. Before cooking, place in strainer to wash and rinse 1st. You can cook them in veggie stock for more flavor....add thyme and bay leaves, yum yum!

They are very inexpensive and filling to our tummies, so go out and get some lentil!!

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