Kaline's Special

This was a yummy dish I got at a local coffee shop/diner in our neighborhood. I can walk there from our house. They have about an 8 page menu, and I think the font is 10 or below!! Most traditional diners are known for being animal products bonanzas (butter, eggs, milk, omelettes, etc). What I love about this place, is that is has ALL of your breakfast favorites, but they offer TONS of vegetarian/vegan alternatives. They have multiple soy cheese options, soy hot dogs, veggie burgers, etc. I was in a healthier mood and didn't want any processed meatless options, so I opted for "Kaline's Special". It is sauteed mushrooms, potatoes, onions, and spinach. It also comes with some generous slices of fresh avocado. And I just have to ask them to sautee in EVOO versus butter. You also get 2 warm flour tortillas and a side of fresh salsa.....YUM! With only a handful of ingredients, this is an easy, filling meal to replicate at home. I even think it would make a good hearty dinner for those cold winter nights. Enjoy!

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  1. this sounds amazing.. can't wait to try it! great find :)