Life After Cheese?

I will start out by saying that the title of this post isn't mine (though I feel like it is)! I pulled it from a podcast by one of my vegan mentors, Colleen Patrick Goudreau. Her "Life After Cheese" podcast episode can be found here: http://cdn4.libsyn.com/compassionatecooks/life_after_cheese.mp3?nvb=20100125061554&nva=20100126062554&t=0e4ab27e1de1c5c396e19.

I am just going to put it right out there....I have struggled the last couple of weeks. And I feel like my biggest obstacle right now is CHEESE!! Yes, I am one of those people who has always been a cheese lover. I also am an avid wine drinker, and cheese just seems to go so naturally with it. Though I do know that so many other flavors and textures can bring out the wonderful qualities in wine, I am struggling to get cheese out of the picture.

Also, traveling a lot, I have had to get proactive in requesting vegetarian/vegan meals in advance. And I find that in places that do not have a vegan option, they are happy to give me a vegetarian option that usually has cheese as one of the components.

This post isn't meant to be a laundry list of complaints or excuses, but rather as just some thoughts that I am going through right now. I'm looking at this as a two part post. This is part 1, that pretty much says "here's what I feel" and part two of the post will be me addressing these issues I am having, giving solutions, etc.

So, I won't say that I have truly found life after cheese myself, but I am on the path and enjoying the journey.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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