Deconstructing Dinner

I wanted to introduce all of you to an absolutely wonderful podcast I've come across called Deconstructing Dinner.  It's made in Canada (not that that's an issue, it's just cute to hear thing pronounced differently/appropriately every once in a while) and it centers on taking a closer look at the various aspects of our food system (farming, science, consumption, industry, small scale, individual and corporate responsibility, sustainability, history, etc). 
Each episode you will hear from different people involved in the food system debate, giving you a fresh take on a variety of subjects from various points of view.  I can't say enough good things about this podcast. It matters not if your a "v-person," omnivore, carnivore, locavore, zombie; the only thing that matters is that we all eat, and we all take part in this system so it's better if we know a bit more about it. 

I would recommend going to their list of episodes and picking whatever subject interests you the most. Then, you'll be hooked and my job will be done!  If you rather I just point you directly to an enlightening, uplifting episode, then here you go: The Food Revolution, and The Mad Cowboy.

Next week I'll dive into alternatives to factory farms so don't miss it if you want to be an informed eater!

in the words of John Robbins:
may all be loved. may all be healed. may all be fed.

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  1. These podcasts couldn't be more informative. Thank you for introducing me to them!