Wannabe Vegan Here!

Surprise, Surprise, I'm still on the vegan rollercoaster. I think the only time I can eat vegan is when my baby sisters cook for me. They are all encouraging me to watch Earthlings, but I keep putting it off. I think I'm afraid because I will finally have to look veganism straight in the face! Since New Years Eve is right around the corner I guess now would be a good a time as any to have a New Years resolution to be vegan. Maybe then I'll be able to stick to it. Please cross your fingers for me....on second thought cross anything you can, I'll need it!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. if you want, we can set a date tomorrow (just before new years) to see it together.. that way you actually watch it, but have support if you want to discuss any feelings/issues with the film and just eating vegan. worth a try...