Wannabe Vegan Here!

Well, its the same story this week. I struggle with wanting to be vegan everyday!! My goal this week is to watch Earthlings and Food Inc. I need to be reminded about why this is so important! I haven't been exposed to anything "vegan friendly" since I read Skinny Bitch, which made me go veg for awhile last year. I'm the type of person that needs to be re-motivated more often, otherwise I justify bad behaviors to myself all the time!!

Hopefully I can get my willpower in check!


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  1. Vos podes hacer todo lo que quieras Ilana. Nos has demostrado que tenes mucha fuerza. Espero que las peliculas tengan un gran efecto en vos como tuvieron sobre mi. I know what you mean about being reminded, it's so necessary for us because we have years and years of bad schooling and need to re-program ourselves until it sticks for good. Good luck sis!! You can do it!!