vegan bloggers: doin' it right

I love blogs. I especially love vegan blogs because they share yummy recipes I can't wait to try for myself, tell me about a wonderful veg restaurant, or address common vegan issues in a personal, sincere and eloquent way.

In a future post I'll maybe provide a list of the vegan-themed blogs I adore, but today I'm just going to give you a taste...

http://girliegirlarmy.com/ provides excellent posts/articles about a variety of topics related to veganism written by diverse, talented authors. 
Today I read (yesterday's) article "Sorry Natalie, Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right." It's a response to a New York Times published article in which the author suggests that eating vegetables is *as* inhumane as eating sentient beings such as animals. It's a subject that every vegan must tackle at some point--there are always going to be people trying to trip up your argument, your values, or treat you as if you're some self-entitled morally-superior bigot. I believe that Joshua Katcher provides a very level-headed and justified response and is entirely worth a read considering that you're reading this, which means you're an open-minded person (vegan doesn't even matter, it's just plain logical!).

Enjoy! and happy eating!



  1. That was a great article by Joshua Katcher. He could not have said it better! I must check out his website soon!! Thx Eco Vegan sister!

  2. Yes, I read the NY Times article too........and i've read a lot about the "plants feel pain" argument against vegetarianim/veganism, and it just doesn't sit well with me. I see where they are going, but it's a circular argument to me that never really answers any questions. At the end of the day people that eat meat are not only contributing to the killing of the animals that they eat, but they are ALSO contributing to the "killing" of the plants that those animals eat. So if we're talking about compassion and the lessening of the amount of "killing" we contribute to, then a plant based diet would be a lot more successful (if that was their argument). It reminds me of the "you're vegan, but you'd kill and swat a fly" argument.....it's like really, are we really going to go there?