Thanksgiving Tales and a bit of Food Inc. by Crafty Vegan Hermana

Courtesy of http://www.foodincmovie.com/
Hey all! Buen dia, Martes! Last thursday I celebrated Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family...a very numerous and warm group of people in Palo Alto...what a beautiful city...I love North Cal, the red, orange and yellow trees are a site for sore eyes. The food was deliciously sweet...we had more veggie and vegan dishes than expected...fresh raw veggies to snack on with hummus, mashed potatoes topped with cranberry sauce, mashed yams, broussel sprouts with green beens and almonds, veggie ratatouille and many salads. The family was very accomadating towards our veganism and made sure we were not going to be hungry, which we were not , I can assure you our bellies were delighted!!!

Oh, and for next Thanksgiving or any holiday, check out http://www.tofurkey.com/ for hundreds of vegan recipes, search under "holidays".

Now I would like to share a bit of information about Food, Inc....a film/documentary about our food and where it comes from. We watched the first part last night and I would like to share a bit with you. The meat industry is a large monopoly, about 3-4 large companies control more than 80% of all meat production and packing. They set high standards for the farmers, pressuring them to make upgrades and buy new machinery and if those terms are not met they terminate the contracts....wether the farmers agree or not, they still end up in debt for the rest of their lives. For example, doing upgrades on 2 large chicken houses could cost around $550,000 and the average farmer makes $18,000 per year. The conditions the chickens live in are horrendous. They are crammed in small cages, surrounded by feces and other dead chickens, which opens doors for the spread of diseases and more. I strongly suggest you watch this and tell anyone you care about to watch it to...thank you to those of you who suggested it to me.

Proxima estaciĆ³n esperanza...

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