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Yesterday I was lucky enough to pay a visit to the Native Foods restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA with my sister (crafty vegan) and a friend.  I had been there once before for a quick dinner, so I didn't have time to really notice the array of appetizing dishes and other subtleties (we didn't see the word "vegan" explicit in the storefront nor the menu... great so as not to scare away the non-vegans*). 
The food was AWESOME... unfortunately, the photos below don't do the food justice since we only had our camera-phones to document the beautiful and delicious plates, but imagine great resolution and saturated colors:
My friend enjoyed a cup of the daily soup (Ecuadorian potato) and the Gandhi Bowl.

Crafty vegan enjoyed the "Rockin' Morrocan"

I ate my share of vegan deliciousness with a cup of the soup of the day, and the Chicken Run Ranch Sandwich and we all shared a side of sweet potato fries

I highly encourage all of you in Southern California to visit one of the many Native Foods restaurants. It's a great business, providing healthy and delicious food with conscience. They have an amazing website to boot, with information about their products, beliefs and information related to miscellaneous vegan knowledge.

I don't have room for much luxury in my life, but eating well has always been a priority so I decided to shell out the $25 and buy Chef Tanya's comprehensive cookbook (the 3rd in my vegan-cookbook library).  I'm excited to try out the many many recipes included, not to mention making my own seitan! In the following weeks and months I will entice you with whatever Native recipes I make...they're guaranteed to make you re-think 'healthy' 'vegan' food!

I'll leave you with a helpful list from the Native Foods Newsletter, "7 Days 7 Ways to Eat More Vegetables"

  1. Walk through the Farmer's Market and find things you've never seen before! Ask the growers questions, or ask someone buying something what they do with it. Make it fun!
  2. Roots are for roasting. Find fall root vegetables (onions, turnips, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes, etc), cut them up, toss with olive oil, sea salt, fresh herbs, and bake at 400 until soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Yum!
  3. Burn them. Well, kind of. There is a secret to good cauliflower and that is to burn it.  Separate a cauliflower head into 2 inch pieces and put on cookie sheet (not Teflon), drizzle generously with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. 450 degree oven for 50 minutes and call me in the morning!
  4. Steam your greens or blanch in some rapid boiling salted water as this softens the texture and warms them. Top with a great sauce.
  5. Mash 'em. Mash some cooked greens or any veggie into a mashed potato or mashed sweet potato or yam recipe.  Adds another color and/or flavor dimension and you can eat it with a spoon (a.k.a. easy).
  6. Puree is not for babies anymore. Any cooked vegetable in a blender with a litle olive oil, sea salt and herbs or other spices of interest. You may need to dilute with a little broth to desired consistency.
  7. Make a soup. Get into making a soup one day per week. A great way to use vegetables you were not getting to in the refrigerator. Find a vegatable of interest and look for a soup recipe that includes it. A scoop of a whole grain or chunk of sourdough garlic toast on the side makes for a perfect meal.
happy eating!

*taken from their newsletter: "It's the vegan restaurant for vegans and non-vegans alike" says Daniel Dolan (Chef Tanya's business partner)

FYI: title references this ridiculous video... :)

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