Farm Sanctuary's Holiday Tips and Recipes

Hello! The holidays are tough times for those of us who are trying to be vegans because they represent traditions that are not so animal friendly. Following are a few tips I got from Farm Sanctuary's site which I find to be very useful. Me and a few others around me have already made generous donations and will be doing volunteer work this month.

On another note, this past weekend my family and I visited some friends for breakfast. We offered to bring a vegan dish so as to not inconvenience the cook and it worked out quite well. We brought baked green apples, dried persimmons, fruit salad and made tofu scramble (a recipe from "The Vegan Table" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau http://www.vegantable.com/ ). The tofu scramble was a hit and the guests were happy to have some left over for later.

For recipes, check out:

Here are some tips for how to get through the holidays in one piece, spreading compassion while you’re at it!

  • If your holiday celebration is going to include animal products, why not WOW your friends and family by bringing a deliciousvegan meal and dessert to share? Some people say that the best way to advocate veganism is through yummy food!
  • Consider hosting a vegan potluck for your friends and family as a holiday celebration.
  • Bring vegan baked goods to your office or class to help celebrate the holidays compassionately. Remember to bring some copies of the recipes to share.
  • Rather than buying material gifts, why not sponsor a farm animal from Farm Sanctuary for your loved ones? Why not also ask for that in return this year?
  • If material gifts are a must for someone’s wish list, shop at Farm Sanctuary’s online store for fabulous reads, adorable stuffed animals, hip hoodies, and other apparel. Put it all together to make a compassionate gift basket!
  • With the holidays approaching, many ACTivists find refuge in volunteering as a means of channeling holiday angst. Why not schedule a leafleting at your nearby mall or church?
  • Set up a table at your local health food store, community center or library to educate people about going veg for life.
  • Be sure to check in with your ACTivist friends, and plan a veg-friendly get-together or outing where you can all gripe and laugh together.
  • Blog about it! Blogging is a great way to put all your thoughts out there in a safe and supportive way; not to mention it can be a very effective advocacy tool!
  • Spend time with an animal. Being around animals can be a very peaceful and joyous experience for both of you, and can remind you of why you are an ACTivist.

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