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Hi everyone. I’m the 3rd sister and also known as Foodie Vegan! I have been vegetarian (for the most part) since March of this year and I am slowly transitioning to veganism. I became interested in vegetarianism/veganism because I accidentally came across some literature about how animals are treated in factory farms (aka where most of the meat we eat comes from). I was so saddened and moved by it that I decided a couple weeks later to stop eating beef, pork, and chicken right away. Since then I have also opened my eyes to how good this decision is for my health and for the planet.

As my name implies, I LOVE food…..and this used to include things like: filet mignon, brie cheese, blue cheese, fondue, ice cream, etc. So I am here to ponder how one can be a foodie AND be vegan. The terms seem mutually exclusive, yet I am sure that they can coexist together, in fact, quite happily!! The Earth gives us so much wonderful and colorful food, that I want to show people how you can still have a ravenous love affair with food, but yet also be compassionate to animals and to our Earth.

In my day to day life I do a plethora of things for money (I don’t like the words “work” or “job”) including: being a sales rep in the fashion industry, planning events, planning weddings, booking travel, walking dogs, etc. I also live in the Los Angeles area. My days usually start early and end late. I find myself in the car a lot and going from one thing to the next….so I have to pack a lot of food “to go” every morning for the day. One of my biggest challenges is always having vegan snacks on hand that will last all day sitting in my car…..so I’ll try to give tips or ideas for quick, on-the-go vegan snacks.

Also being the foodie vegan and being an avid cook….I hope to share some great recipes I have gotten from other vegans as well as just simple stuff I create at home! We all hope you enjoy our blog and everything we share!!

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  1. Hi Foodie Vegan Sister! Here is a link to some good Thanksgiving recipes...might be too late to try these this year, but great for next!