Wannabe Vegan

Well hello to all you veggies out there! Welcome to Virtually Vegan Sisters! I'm the oldest sister, aka Wannabe Vegan. This week you will be introduced to the other three sisters, all of us having a different relationship with veganism.

About myself, I was actually the first one to try vegetarianism out, and it lasted a month. All of my little sisters have followed suit and I'm not gonna lie, they've been a little more successful than me, hence my name, Wannabe Vegan.

My reason for wanting to become vegan is purely health related. I'm a two time cancer survivor, and I've read many books on nutrition and health that relate to the monumental health benefits of veganism. Of course this interests me immensely, I want to be healthy as possible! After talking with my sisters, they introduced me to the cruelty that befalls animals that are slaughtered for our consumption, this seemed like another great reason to pursue veganism. I love animals and don't want them to suffer for me to eat!!

So, buckle your seatbelts, here's to a great blog and to us all being Skinny Bitches!!

Love and veggies,
Wannabe Vegan

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  1. WOOO HOOO!! Congrats on becoming vegan!! Sorry about your cancer scares! I'm Vegan too. Because of my sister. She read Skinny Bitch about 3 years ago.. and turned me on to it. I started with vegetarianism.. but slowly skipped right over to veganism & I haven't looked back. I went cold turkey too. Need help or ideas.. I'm here for yas! XOXO :)