Monday again?

Hello all, Wannabe Vegan signing in here. So I thought all morning about what I should write, because I was not a good vegan girl today. But I guess thats why I'm the sister that has so much trouble with this.

I'm not sure if any of the other sisters have said this, but we are all Argentine. 2 of us are native Argentines and two of us were born here, but have a parent who is Argentine. I happen to have been born here. Now, back to the food. Since I'm not a very good cook and since I never learned how to cook authentic Argentine dishes my weakness is an Argentine market and or restaurant. Well, guess what happened to be on my way home from the doctor's office? An Argentine market. Dammit all to hell! An Argentine market is my vegan/vegetarian nightmare. I went in, and let's just say it was not pretty. Damn me and my lack of will power!!

So, I feel like my blog post here was akin to going to confession.

Forgive me father for I have sinned....tomorrow I will be a better vegan girl.

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  1. oh no sister! Mama is gonna have to give you a spankin'!! Call me up next time you go to the Argentine market...alfajores are my weakness...and at least we will be there to support each other.