Friday, Wildcard Day!!

It's me again, Wannabe Vegan. Every Friday one of the sisters will write whatever she feels like about something pertaining to veganism. It might be a helpful tip, a yummy veg recipe or just some exciting info about veganism. I'm going to talk about my Thanksgiving yesterday......

So, we all know I'm the Wannabe Vegan. I "want to be" vegan, but I have a little problem....it's called willpower. I have none. Literally. Unlike my little sister EcoVegan, I have absolutely no discipline. So, I attended a Thanksgiving where all 20 people were carnivores. I did pretty good by filling up on side dishes (which although they weren't vegan, they were vegetarian). I had about 4 oz of meat. I don't even know why I ate it, turkey and ham are the meats that I hate the most. That's peer pressure for you.

I wish I was a "cold turkey" person and could quit all animal products and by products, but everytime I try and do something like that I fail. So far I've quit milk, butter and mayo, mostly due to disgestive issues as I'm lactose intolerant. My next omission is going to be pork and turkey, since that will be the easiest for me to uphold as I don't really like them anyway.

I guess the main point of my post is there are different ways to the path to veganism. Not everyone will reach it the same way or at the same time. The goal is to move forward at your own pace and remain consistent. Remember why your doing this....whether its for you, your health, the animals or the earth.

Peace, Love and Veggies...
Wannabe Vegan

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  1. Good job for filling up on the veggie dishes! I am sorry the peer pressure didn't go so well, don't feel too bad, there is always next time!