1st thanksgiving for the birds

We've come to the last introduction of this vegan sister blog and it's on Thanksgiving (aka "turkey day") no less! But this year, I'm taking it back, bringing it home... this year it's truly a celebration of gratitude for life in all its forms, and especially a celebration of our friendly & feisty feathered friends.  

At 24, I'm truly grateful for being where I am today--at my first Vegan Thanksgiving. A mere 9 months ago I took the time to listen to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's informative and inspiring podcast while away for work.  That week changed my life.  My eyes were forcefully yet lovingly opened to see and feel things most people never allow themselves to.  That week I decided to "go vegan" cold-turkey (as they say) and rather than find it cumbersome, it's been a really rewarding (though at times challenging) experience.  

It's true--It's not easy denying animal products and by-products in a society so plagued with them.  Thankfully, oh so thankfully, I am a really disciplined person and I found that taking the compassionate route isn't so hard when I considered the price paid on the other end.  
I wasn't one of those people that "never liked" the taste or smell of meat... I was gleefully raised on it, had it on my plate at every meal, savored the various textures and flavors or different animals. And sure, this is hard to say or hear now, being vegan, but back then it was normal as it still is for the majority of people in my life.  Normal is comfortable, easy, encouraged. Veganism requires one to go against many lifelong traditions and beliefs, yet, if you put the time into developing it and incorporating it into all aspects of your life, it is rewarding, compassionate, and contagious (yea, WATCH OUT!). 

I want to thank you, the reader, for giving me and my sisters a chance to share our experiences with this new lifestyle.  If this blog does nothing else, I simply want it to inspire awareness.  Veganism is not just about animal rights (although that is a HUGE issue); it's also about ecology, and health in our CURRENT times, for the present Earth we share.  It's about being conscious of our relationship to this planet and striving for its well-being as well as our own. 

Here's to a compassionate day of gratitude for all.  

it's all happening...

EcoVegan (the lil' one)

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