Monday again?

Hello all, Wannabe Vegan signing in here. So I thought all morning about what I should write, because I was not a good vegan girl today. But I guess thats why I'm the sister that has so much trouble with this.

I'm not sure if any of the other sisters have said this, but we are all Argentine. 2 of us are native Argentines and two of us were born here, but have a parent who is Argentine. I happen to have been born here. Now, back to the food. Since I'm not a very good cook and since I never learned how to cook authentic Argentine dishes my weakness is an Argentine market and or restaurant. Well, guess what happened to be on my way home from the doctor's office? An Argentine market. Dammit all to hell! An Argentine market is my vegan/vegetarian nightmare. I went in, and let's just say it was not pretty. Damn me and my lack of will power!!

So, I feel like my blog post here was akin to going to confession.

Forgive me father for I have sinned....tomorrow I will be a better vegan girl.


Friday, Wildcard Day!!

It's me again, Wannabe Vegan. Every Friday one of the sisters will write whatever she feels like about something pertaining to veganism. It might be a helpful tip, a yummy veg recipe or just some exciting info about veganism. I'm going to talk about my Thanksgiving yesterday......

So, we all know I'm the Wannabe Vegan. I "want to be" vegan, but I have a little problem....it's called willpower. I have none. Literally. Unlike my little sister EcoVegan, I have absolutely no discipline. So, I attended a Thanksgiving where all 20 people were carnivores. I did pretty good by filling up on side dishes (which although they weren't vegan, they were vegetarian). I had about 4 oz of meat. I don't even know why I ate it, turkey and ham are the meats that I hate the most. That's peer pressure for you.

I wish I was a "cold turkey" person and could quit all animal products and by products, but everytime I try and do something like that I fail. So far I've quit milk, butter and mayo, mostly due to disgestive issues as I'm lactose intolerant. My next omission is going to be pork and turkey, since that will be the easiest for me to uphold as I don't really like them anyway.

I guess the main point of my post is there are different ways to the path to veganism. Not everyone will reach it the same way or at the same time. The goal is to move forward at your own pace and remain consistent. Remember why your doing this....whether its for you, your health, the animals or the earth.

Peace, Love and Veggies...
Wannabe Vegan


1st thanksgiving for the birds

We've come to the last introduction of this vegan sister blog and it's on Thanksgiving (aka "turkey day") no less! But this year, I'm taking it back, bringing it home... this year it's truly a celebration of gratitude for life in all its forms, and especially a celebration of our friendly & feisty feathered friends.  

At 24, I'm truly grateful for being where I am today--at my first Vegan Thanksgiving. A mere 9 months ago I took the time to listen to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's informative and inspiring podcast while away for work.  That week changed my life.  My eyes were forcefully yet lovingly opened to see and feel things most people never allow themselves to.  That week I decided to "go vegan" cold-turkey (as they say) and rather than find it cumbersome, it's been a really rewarding (though at times challenging) experience.  

It's true--It's not easy denying animal products and by-products in a society so plagued with them.  Thankfully, oh so thankfully, I am a really disciplined person and I found that taking the compassionate route isn't so hard when I considered the price paid on the other end.  
I wasn't one of those people that "never liked" the taste or smell of meat... I was gleefully raised on it, had it on my plate at every meal, savored the various textures and flavors or different animals. And sure, this is hard to say or hear now, being vegan, but back then it was normal as it still is for the majority of people in my life.  Normal is comfortable, easy, encouraged. Veganism requires one to go against many lifelong traditions and beliefs, yet, if you put the time into developing it and incorporating it into all aspects of your life, it is rewarding, compassionate, and contagious (yea, WATCH OUT!). 

I want to thank you, the reader, for giving me and my sisters a chance to share our experiences with this new lifestyle.  If this blog does nothing else, I simply want it to inspire awareness.  Veganism is not just about animal rights (although that is a HUGE issue); it's also about ecology, and health in our CURRENT times, for the present Earth we share.  It's about being conscious of our relationship to this planet and striving for its well-being as well as our own. 

Here's to a compassionate day of gratitude for all.  

it's all happening...

EcoVegan (the lil' one)


Welcome--from Foodie Vegan

Hi everyone. I’m the 3rd sister and also known as Foodie Vegan! I have been vegetarian (for the most part) since March of this year and I am slowly transitioning to veganism. I became interested in vegetarianism/veganism because I accidentally came across some literature about how animals are treated in factory farms (aka where most of the meat we eat comes from). I was so saddened and moved by it that I decided a couple weeks later to stop eating beef, pork, and chicken right away. Since then I have also opened my eyes to how good this decision is for my health and for the planet.

As my name implies, I LOVE food…..and this used to include things like: filet mignon, brie cheese, blue cheese, fondue, ice cream, etc. So I am here to ponder how one can be a foodie AND be vegan. The terms seem mutually exclusive, yet I am sure that they can coexist together, in fact, quite happily!! The Earth gives us so much wonderful and colorful food, that I want to show people how you can still have a ravenous love affair with food, but yet also be compassionate to animals and to our Earth.

In my day to day life I do a plethora of things for money (I don’t like the words “work” or “job”) including: being a sales rep in the fashion industry, planning events, planning weddings, booking travel, walking dogs, etc. I also live in the Los Angeles area. My days usually start early and end late. I find myself in the car a lot and going from one thing to the next….so I have to pack a lot of food “to go” every morning for the day. One of my biggest challenges is always having vegan snacks on hand that will last all day sitting in my car…..so I’ll try to give tips or ideas for quick, on-the-go vegan snacks.

Also being the foodie vegan and being an avid cook….I hope to share some great recipes I have gotten from other vegans as well as just simple stuff I create at home! We all hope you enjoy our blog and everything we share!!


Crafty Vegan Sister...

Hello earthlings!! I am the second oldest sister...aka, crafty vegan sister. I like to make crafts, especially recycled art...I also finger-crochet, love to explore new places and this year I decided to become vegan or as close as possible, step by step. I am lucky to have started this journey with very special people around me. During the last few years I have been learning and informing myself about the environment and health. I decided to become vegetarian after I read "The China Study" (thx wannabe vegan sister). It was all up hill after that. Up to that point I thought I was being as eco friendly as possible by doing my best to recycle, reuse and riding my bike to work...little did I know that changing my diet would be the most eco friendly thing I could ever do. What first made me want to switch to a vegetarian diet was the positive effect it would have on my health...then I learned more about the harsh treatment of animals through the Compassionate Cooks podcasts (thx Chiquita) and veganism flowered. Of course, I just expected to feel physically healthier, but much more than that occured....I have come to feel happier with myself, inside and out, it's as if my soul has been cleansed. I feel more satisfied with my relationships. A more compassionate person in me was born. I realized that a goat or a cow feels pain and love just like a dog, a cat or any human does and that I knew this all along but somehow forgot about it for a very long time....say 31 years.... It was a painful realization, but totally necessary. My goal with this blog is to share my experience as well as provide resources and information about the treatment of animals, the health benefits of switching to a vegan lifestyle and the effects on the environment. I am at this point in my life today thanks to my sisters who have shared information that opened my eyes and my soul. Together we can grow, together we can support, together we can live. Please join us on this journey and share your thoughts and comments with us. Peace and love to all!


Wannabe Vegan

Well hello to all you veggies out there! Welcome to Virtually Vegan Sisters! I'm the oldest sister, aka Wannabe Vegan. This week you will be introduced to the other three sisters, all of us having a different relationship with veganism.

About myself, I was actually the first one to try vegetarianism out, and it lasted a month. All of my little sisters have followed suit and I'm not gonna lie, they've been a little more successful than me, hence my name, Wannabe Vegan.

My reason for wanting to become vegan is purely health related. I'm a two time cancer survivor, and I've read many books on nutrition and health that relate to the monumental health benefits of veganism. Of course this interests me immensely, I want to be healthy as possible! After talking with my sisters, they introduced me to the cruelty that befalls animals that are slaughtered for our consumption, this seemed like another great reason to pursue veganism. I love animals and don't want them to suffer for me to eat!!

So, buckle your seatbelts, here's to a great blog and to us all being Skinny Bitches!!

Love and veggies,
Wannabe Vegan